Happy New Year 2023

December 29, 2022


This new year for me will be all about balance. Family, health and wealth may be the order of the day for many of us. The rising cost of living, concerns for our loved ones and their well being and a desire for our own perfect health and longevity might be some of the thoughts we share and is definitely at the top of my mind.

I had a health scare this December. I went into cardiac arrest the morning after our Christmas Staff party. On December 9th around 6:30 a.m. I phoned 911 as my heart had been racing and was not beating correctly all through out the night. I had left the staff party early the evening before with a racing heart beat after jokingly saying to one of my colleagues “I think I am having a heart attack; I can not keep up with these younger gals on the dance floor”. I drove myself home and tried to sleep it off with an ice pack on my forehead.

This was not the first time this had happened. I had phoned 911 in the month of September with the same issue and was told it was probably a panic attack and given some tips on how to breathe and relax. I had also gone to my GP the following morning and after a blood pressure test and a sensor placed on my fingers my GP talked about relaxation and suggested the ice pack if it happened again. It did happen again in October and I did as was suggested until it stopped about 3 hours later. There was also a time earlier in May of 2020 that this happened while I was doing some light exercises at home during our lock down. I chalked it up to being out of shape due to the lock down and no gyms to go to.

The thing about a heart arrhythmia is it is not easy to catch without the aid of a cardiac monitor and must be caught red-handed while it is happening. When I phoned 911 this time around six paramedics showed up with a cardiac monitor and as they were connecting me to the machine I heard “oh look at that” and then I heard one of them shouting “cut off her shirt”. I had gotten dressed prior to phoning and was ready to go to the hospital this time as I knew something was seriously wrong. My skin was grey and when I was connected to the monitor, I saw myself flat-line and then I was gone.

When I came to in the Royal Jubilee Hospital ER, I heard that I was shocked six times while in my bed as the paramedics tried to revive me. My rib cage is still sore but healing. I was placed into the cardiac care unit and the heart ward for the next 5 days. Upon my discharge from RJH my diagnoses were atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. What this means for me now is a daily dose of baby aspirin for life, cholesterol pills to aid in the slight high cholesterol issue they also discovered and possibly beta blockers for the rest of my life to prevent my heart from going back into arrhythmia.

This event has put things into perspective for me. I have always wanted to put the needs of my clients; my family and my friends first. I know now I will also have to include myself in there. So, as I say, BALANCE is my new medicine and my new motto. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you and to have friends, family and a great team of agents supporting me along the way. I will continue to be the best me I can be for myself and for those I have the chance to work with, play with and support.

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