Informed Home Buyer/Seller Issue 11 – November 2023

November 3, 2023

Feng Shui-Inspired Home Staging Tips

When you’re selling your home, you want to make it as attractive as possible
to buyers. One compelling strategy that has been gaining traction is the
application of Feng Shui principles to home staging.
Embracing Feng Shui staging techniques starts with decluttering. Clutter
restricts the free flow of ‘chi’ or positive energy. Hence, a clean, clutter-free
space is crucial. It promotes an open, spacious feel, which in turn evokes a
sense of tranquillity and comfort.
Natural lighting, a key element in Feng Shui, is another crucial consideration.
Bright spaces are synonymous with positivity and openness. Ensuring ample
natural light penetrates every corner of the home helps draw positive energy in
and makes the space look larger and more inviting.
In Feng Shui, colours hold significant meaning. For instance, earth tones such
as beige and soft yellow can create a welcoming environment, while blues and
greens, symbolizing water and wood elements respectively, encourage
tranquillity. Incorporating these colour schemes can create a balanced and
calming atmosphere, which is sure to appeal to potential buyers.
The positioning of furniture also plays a role in Feng Shui. Furniture should be
arranged to promote a smooth flow of energy and should not obstruct
pathways. In smaller spaces in particular, strategic furniture placement can
make the area appear more substantial and organized.
You don’t have to go full-on Feng Shui to make your home look great to
buyers. But, implementing a few of these ideas can pay off if buyers get a
more positive and serene feeling when viewing your home.

When to Compromise on your “Must-Have” List

When you’re shopping for a new home, you’ll likely have a list of “must-haves”
that are essential to your ideal living space. However, there are circumstances
in which it may be worth compromising on your list of non-negotiables.
While having four bedrooms or a large backyard may be high on your priority
list, a desirable location with easy access to schools, work, and amenities
could outweigh those specific features. Keep an open mind and consider
adjusting your must-haves if it means securing a home in an ideal
Sometimes, your dream home may exceed your price range. In such cases, it
can be beneficial to explore properties that may lack a few desired features but
offer the potential for customization or renovation in the future. This way, you
can gradually transform the house into your dream home while staying within
your financial means.
What if you walk into a home and it just feels right, even though it’s lacking a
feature on your must-have list? It might be worth going with that feeling. Keep
in mind that what a property is lacking today may be remedied over time with
improvements and renovations.